A sign of personal integrity and strength of character is doing the right thing, even when it is difficult to do it…

In session 7 parents will learn more about the best interests of children after a separation or divorce. Parents will be able to see some common behavioral problems children demonstrate in divorce transition for what they are, instead of blaming the other parent for these problems. Further, we will explore when, and if, the united front in parent should ever be broken. New relationships and step-parenting issues will also be covered. In the latter section of the module, parents will turn their attention to internal patterns that may require healing and therapeutic attention in order to overcome.

Parents will learn how to set a goal for the changes that they have decided to make as a result of their time in the program. This assignment will allow parents to focus on the parts of themselves that have been identified as areas for personal growth in moving forward. You will receive feedback and assistance in setting a goal that will help you to continue your journey of healing and personal growth long after the COPE program ends.