The COPE Program

16 Hour Class for High Conflict Co-Parents

COPE Program Description

COPE is a court accepted 16 hour online program for high conflict parents. In COPE parents will:

  • Process feelings that are barriers to positive conflict resolution.
  • Learn what children need from co-parents and how to shield the children from conflict.
  • Learn to drop behaviors that escalate conflict and adopt a healthy attitude for co-parenting.
  • Acquire communication, cognitive, coping, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Develop appropriate boundaries and expectations for a healthy co-parenting relationship.
  • Resolved internal conflicts, heal and grow through a challenging conflict with the other parent.
  • Reduce the need for legal methods of resolving conflicts with the other parent.

COPE Program Features

In the COPE program,
parents will:

  • Get an insightful 4-part reading manual written to help parent’s build cognitive, coping, conflict resolution and relationship skills.
  • Watch engaging and interesting video messages designed to provoke a healthy perspective of co-parenting.
  • Do narrative writing assignments to process feelings and focus on their own specific problem areas
  • Receive individual feedback from a therapist with 20 years of experience working with parents in high-conflict co-parenting situations.
  • Participate in online interactive group sessions with other parents facing similar experiences to get emotional support, problem solving and exploration of ways to move forward in a healthy way no matter what the other parent is doing.

Cost of the COPE Program

The cost of the program can be spread out according to the needs of your budget, or paid for all at once.

$25.00 a session for each of 8 sessions
$200.00 total, paid all at once

Structure of the COPE Program


  • Reading and Homework -Session 1: WHAT IS DRIVING THIS CONFLICT?
  • Video Message and Homework – Session 2: ACCEPTANCE AND THE THINGS YOU CANNOT CHANGE
  • Attend your first required online support group with other parents: SUPPORT AND PROCESSING COPE MATERIAL

Module 2 - RECOVERY

  • Video Message and Homework – Session 4: KEEPING THE FOCUS ON YOU INSTEAD OF THE OTHER PARENT
  • Attend your second required online support group with other parents: SUPPORT AND PROCESSING COPE MATERIAL


  • Reading and Homework -Session 5:  HANDLING CONFLICT PEAEFULLY
  • Video Message and Homework – Session 6:  PUTTING THE CHILD'S INTERESTS FIRST
  • Attend your third required online support group with other parents:  SUPPORT AND PROCESSING COPE MATERIAL


  • Reading and Homework -Session 7:  WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE CHILDREN? 
  • Video Message and Homework – Session 8 - RESOLVING CONFLICTS
  • Attend your final online support group with other parents: SUPPORT AND PROCESSING COPE MATERIAL

Purchase a Session

If you are struggling and need extra support and help solving your co-parenting dilemmas, Erin is available for individual coaching sessions via zoom conferencing. During individual sessions, parents can get a deeper level of support and detailed problem-solving about their particular co-parenting concerns. Sessions are $50.00 for 45 minutes by appointment.

Erin Bunnell, MA, LMFT / Instructor

Welcome to the COPE Program. I am very glad you are here. Many parents are apprehensive about enrolling in this program and some parents are angry that they are court ordered to take a co-parenting program. I want you to know that I understand these feelings and we can deal when them together. My name is Erin Bunnell. I am also a divorced parent and I have also faced the challenge of needing legal help in a co-parenting relationship. I know what you are facing is scary, upsetting, and might be unfair. In COPE we address these aspects and learn to move forward in spite of them.

Most parents really enjoy this course even when they have come begrudgingly to the first session. It is not uncommon for parents to say that they wish the program was longer actually. Some choose to continue their relationship with me after the program ends to continue the important process they have started. It feels good to get a handle on what you are dealing with. Finding ways to shift into more powerful ways of handling yourself in a challenging co-parenting situation has the potential to free you in ways that are not only good for you, but may benefit your kids for years to come.

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